Getting started

Prepare for the Fair


Confirm your Fair dates and decide the location and operating hours. 


Select an appointment time for the planning call with your Fair consultant.


Watch for your Kick-off Kit (it’ll arrive about 2 weeks before the Fair).


If you’re accepting cash, we recommend keeping $50 in various bills and coins in your cash drawer. Any checks should be made payable to your school.


Visit the Learning Lab for video explainers and more.

Build your team

Teamwork makes the dream work! Recruit a co-host and volunteers to help before, during, and after the Fair. Reach out to your PTO, booster club, and class parents for helpers. Don’t forget to invite older students to be part of the team, too! Volunteers can help you:


Set up the Fair: arranging cases, unpacking boxes, hanging signs, and more. Extra hands make Fair setup faster and easier.


Decorate: Want to add extra décor to your Fair? Ask your school’s art classes to pitch in alongside adult volunteers.


Ring up purchases: Whether scanning eWallets or counting coins, volunteers trained on the Payment System keep checkout running smoothly.


Help kids shop: Volunteers can steer little readers to the appropriate cases, help them make their wish lists, and do the math on their purchases.

Make sure every student can participate

When the Book Fair comes to your school, you have the power to provide a book for every kid. Here's how you can deliver the Fair experience to every student.

Share the Fair

The giving program powered by the Fair turns contributions from students and families into an opportunity for every kid at your school to participate in the Fair.

Book Fair eWallet

Teachers can create an eWallet and share their donation link with students’ families for help building their classroom libraries.

ESSER and EANS funds

Your school may have money available through programs like Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) or Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS). If so, you’ve got options.

Scholastic Dollars

With every purchase at the Fair, your school earns Scholastic Dollars™ worth up to 50% more than cash. Use that extra profit to buy books for kids.

Set your financial goal

You want the Fair to be as successful as possible. Here’s how to set your goals:


Review your sales history to see what profits previous Fairs earned.


Check if you have a Scholastic Dollars balance leftover from the last Fair.


Browse the Scholastic Dollars™ Catalog to decide what purchases you hope to make with your profits.

Share your homepage

Did you know? Your school’s Fair comes with its own homepage! It’s live and ready to share, or you can customize it with special messages and details about eWallet, Fair events, your goal, and online shopping. Share the link with families to promote the Fair.

Make your homepage address easy to share on flyers and social posts by using a URL shortener site like Bit.lyTinyURL, and Rebrandly.

Time to promote your Fair

Now you’re ready to tell everyone about your school’s upcoming Fair. Make the most of tried-and-true tips and ready-made promotional materials.