Share the Fair

Let’s help every student in your school experience the Book Fair

Every kid gets a chance

Don’t you wish every kid in school could take home books from the Book Fair? Share the Fair makes it happen! With our new giving program, your school’s Fair has a built-in path to collect contributions from generous kids and adults in order to share the Fair experience with every kid in school.

How to contribute

There are two ways for kids and families to Share the Fair:


Fair attendees can add cash and coins to the donation box that you receive in your Kick-off Kit. 


When checking out, shoppers can round up their purchases to the nearest dollar.

How to put contributions to work (and get sharing!)

Money that you collect for Share the Fair goes into an account that hosts can use to ensure that every kid in school experiences the Fair.


Any unredeemed funds in your school’s Share the Fair account will remain available for a future Fair.



Check out our FAQs for additional details. 

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