Book Fair eWallet is the way to pay

Cash-free digital payments that put kids in charge.

Cash is king?

Not at the Book Fair, where eWallet rules! Included with most* Fairs, eWallet is a digital payment account allowing you to fund your child’s purchases in advance. Empowered to choose books without handling money, kids focus on what matters most at the Book Fair: discovering a lifelong love of reading.

Creating a Book Fair eWallet is easy

Just find your school’s Fair to sign up and add funds. Your child’s eWallet is ready to use immediately. It’s also flexible and robust, with features like:

Kids can shop in-person at the Fair

Or shop together with eWallet at The Scholastic Store Online.

Anyone can contribute to an eWallet

It’s perfect for spoiling grandkids, nieces, and nephews. It’s as easy as sharing your eWallet link with friends and family.

Not a penny goes to waste!

After the Fair, your remaining eWallet balance transfers to an eGift card balance to shop online with Scholastic or fund an eWallet for a future Fair.

Reward teachers with eWallet!

Before the Book Fair, teachers are able to create an eWallet so families can contribute to help build classroom libraries. That way, there’s something new to read for every kid in class. Ask a fave teacher for their eWallet link and add funds to help them stock their shelves.

Your kids are ready to ditch crumpled bills for an easier way to pay. Find your school’s Book Fair homepage to get started with eWallet. Or visit our FAQs to learn more.

*Some Fairs may not qualify for eWallet.