After the Fair


Take a bow! We sent the books. But YOU delivered all the energy, excitement, and Bookjoy. You created the day kids will remember for the rest of their lives. It’s official: You crushed it!

Time to wrap it up and put your earnings to good use.

Essential to-dos


Shop the Fair with Scholastic Dollars™ before you pack up.


Remind families the Fair continues online, where 25% of every purchase benefits your school. Share your homepage.


Close out your school's Fair before you pack up your Payment System


Complete your Financial Form to calculate your earnings.

Tell us about it: Fill out the feedback survey. Your input helps us improve!

Quick links


Learning Lab (your one-stop shop for Fairs info)

Wrap it up

The shoppers have come and gone. Now it’s time to pack up and close out the Best. Week. Ever.

Redeem Scholastic Dollars

Take time to shop with Scholastic Dollars before you pack up the Fair. Select “Scholastic Dollars” as the tender type on your Payment System and you can:


Make sure every kid takes home a book.


Give gifts to volunteers.


Stock classroom and school libraries.

Keep the Fair going online

Every Book Fair includes a 14-day online shopping opportunity. After your in-person Fair ends, send families to your homepage to continue their shopping online. They’ll find thousands more items for kids—and more benefits for your school.


Families can use unspent eWallet funds to shop your school’s Fair online.


25% of every purchase directly benefits your school.

Pack up the Fair

Ready to close up shop? Prepping your Fair for pickup is simple:


Confirm your pickup date in Fair details and settings.


Leave unsold items in cases.


Table covers, runners, and the banner from the Set-up Kit are yours to keep. Pack up everything else in the original boxes and stack them on top of the cases.


Remember to run your financial summary report and upload your Fair data before you box up the Payment System.

Tabletop Fairs

Return display trays and easels in their original cartons. Seal books and the Payment System in shipping boxes and label them with the provided UPS labels. If UPS makes routine visits to your school, then display the “Attention: UPS Driver” sign (located in the Host Hub) where the driver will see your boxes. To schedule a UPS pickup, please call 1-800-823-7459. 

Complete your financials

Review your financials from the Fair—and get the biggest bang from every buck spent by your shoppers. 


Let us know if you completed three or more bonus reward activities. Tell us what you did.


Consider your profit options. When you choose Scholastic Dollars™, you’ll get up to 50% extra value for your Fair earnings (does not apply to BOGO fairs).


Finalize your financials. Your sales totals will be added to your Financial Form within 24 hours of closing out the Fair on your Payment System.

Say thanks

Thank everyone who helped make this Book Fair a success.

Tell us what you think

Your feedback helps us improve and evolve the Fair experience for every school—and we want to hear it all. (Really. Tell us everything.)