Every kid deserves the Book Fair

Tools that help you get more books to more kids

When the Scholastic Book Fair comes to your school, you have the power to provide a book for every kid. So do your students, their families, and your community. Discover these pathways to compassion and bring the benefits of the Book Fair to all your students.

Scholastic Dollars™

With every purchase at the Fair, your school earns Scholastic Dollars worth up to 50% more than cash. What can you do with that extra profit? Create access to more books by using Scholastic Dollars to stock classroom and school libraries.

Share the Fair

The Book Fair is where kids become readers—and givers! Share the Fair is the giving program built into the Book Fair, where contributions from students and families bring every kid to the Fair.


How does it work? Kids and families add money to the collection box that comes with the Fair. Or, during checkout, they round up purchases to benefit Share the Fair. Families can also give to Share the Fair when funding an eWallet. Use funds collected during the Fair to provide an opportunity to choose books for students who couldn’t attend the Fair.


Book Fair eWallet

It’s more than a convenient way for kids to shop the Fair—eWallet is also a teacher’s shortcut for building classroom libraries. Here’s how:
1. Teachers create an eWallet, a free digital account for Book Fair purchases. 
2. Teachers share an eWallet donation link in student's family communications. 
3. Grateful families contribute to the eWallet.
4. Teachers buy books at the Fair for their classroom library. 
5. More kids have access to books!


Your school may have money available through pandemic programs like Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) or Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS). Don’t let it go to waste! One purpose of these funds—to address pandemic-related learning loss—aligns with our shared mission in bringing the Scholastic Book Fair to your school.

The Fair is the perfect occasion to ask your school administration about the availability of ESSER or EANS funds. New titles for classroom or school libraries? Books for kids who can’t afford them? If your school has relief money and an upcoming Book Fair, then you’ve got options.

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