Book Fair eWallet

What is Book Fair eWallet?

No more bills stuffed in backpacks! At the Scholastic Book Fair, kids shop without cash thanks to eWallet, a digital payment account for purchases at the Fair. Family and friends contribute funds. Then kids choose their own books. It’s convenient, simple, and secure.

How does it work? 

It starts on your school’s Book Fair homepage. A child’s family follows a link to create a free eWallet account. There are three ways to fund an account: Add money with a credit card, use funds from a previous eWallet, or invite friends and extended fam to contribute. 

Because funds are available immediately, a child can shop the Fair with eWallet right away. Families can use a leftover balance to fund an eWallet for a future Fair.

Everything you need to know

Watch this explainer video series to learn even more about eWallet.

7 Chapters | 13 min. Total 

Processing eWallets at the Fair

To process an eWallet payment, follow the same checkout process as any other tender type. Select "eWallet" as the tender, and then choose from three options:

  1. If your payment system is connected to Wi-Fi, use the search feature to find an eWallet by a student’s name, grade, or teacher. 
  2. If your shopper presents a printed barcode for their eWallet, scan the barcode to process the payment.
  3. Use the scan sheet that you printed ahead of time to find and scan the shopper’s barcode. Find the scan sheet in the eWallet section of Fair details and settings.

Monitor your eWallet roster in Fair details and settings to find eWallets with unspent funds. Ask teachers to remind their students about their eWallet balances before the Fair is over.

What happens to eWallets after the Fair? 

After you close out the Fair, unused eWallet funds will convert to an eGift Card balance. Families can use the balance to fund a new eWallet for a future Fair or to shop online with Scholastic. Families will receive a monthly email reminder with their remaining balance, so they don’t forget their funds.

Tell everyone about eWallet

Running a Book Fair is easier with eWallet, so invite families to sign up! When you promote the Fair, link them to your school’s Fair homepage and this eWallet explainer page for families. Check out these ready-made promos for email and social media.

Make your homepage address easy to share on flyers and social posts by using a URL shortener site like Bit.lyTinyURL, and Rebrandly.

Teachers use eWallet, too

For teachers, the Book Fair is the perfect time to expand access to books by stocking classroom and school libraries. eWallet makes it easy. Instead of creating a Fair wish list, teachers create an eWallet and share a link with families. They’ll contribute funds to help teachers build classroom libraries.

Invite teachers to learn more on this explainer page dedicated to teachers, and be sure to share the eWallet flyer for teachers as well as the eWallet letter for teachers.


Check out our FAQs for additional details.