Close-out Checklist

First-time host? Look for the ⭐ to find your essential to-dos.

Wrap up the Fair

 Shop the Fair

⭐ Redeem your Scholastic Dollars™  on your remaining stock to buy books for kids, volunteers, and teachers. Just select “Scholastic Dollars” as the tender type on your Payment System.

Remind families about online shopping

⭐ Online shopping for your Fair is available for 14 days, and 25% of every purchase directly benefits your school. Encourage shoppers to use unspent eWallet funds online.

Close out the Fair on your Payment System

Don’t worry—it’s easy! Read our step-by-step Payment System guide for tips. Your Financial Form will be ready to review in 24 hours.

Prep for Fair pickup

⭐ Check your pickup date in Fair details and settings. Pack up your Fair and get ready for pickup!

Complete financials

You’ve gone above and beyond! Let us reward your hard work.

Consider your profit options

Scholastic Dollars™ give you the most bang for every buck your shoppers spend. Learn more about how you can make every penny count.

Review and submit your Financial Form

⭐ Need help? Check out the FAQs.

Finish strong!

Thank the school community and your volunteers for an amazing Book Fair. And give yourself a big round of applause (you deserve it).

Take the feedback survey

Tell us about it! What worked well for your Fair? How can we make your experience better next time around?