The Scholastic Dollars Catalog

Everything from the Book Fair—and everything else young readers love!

When you host a Scholastic Book Fair, your school earns Scholastic Dollars™, the rewards currency for purchasing thousands of items (and getting more bang for your buck) through our exclusive Scholastic Dollars Catalog. We’ll send a print catalog with your Fair (click here for a preview), or you can shop online to find even more products, including:

Thousands of popular books and collections

Library-bound books, including exclusive editions

Furniture and décor for classrooms and libraries

Digital and tech products

Gifts for Fair volunteers and prizes/incentives for kids

Curriculum-related materials, audio libraries, and more!

There’s so much to see! So if you need help finding the perfect item, call our customer service at 800-799-7323 (available Monday through Friday between 8am and 6pm ET) or visit our FAQs page.

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