Promo Guide

All the resources you need to promote your Fair—download letters, flyers, social graphics, signs, and other helpful Fair files.

Tell everyone

Talk it up, spread the word, bang the drum! Promoting your school’s Fair is key to its success. It’s easy when you follow these tips and download the ready-to-use resources in this Promo Guide.


Share your school’s Fair homepage so families can mark their calendars and set up eWallets.


Ramp up anticipation and excitement with save the date posts.


Get people in the door with family events.


Spread the word about online shopping to keep sales going.


Join our Organizers Facebook Group to share ideas with your fellow Fair hosts.

Give shoppers a sneak peek at the stars of the show—the books!—by including links to trailers and other book resources in your Fair’s promo materials.

Principal letters

Send home a letter from your principal to tell families about the Book Fair. Just insert the details of your school’s Fair into these handy templates.

Save the dates

Encourage families, teachers, and the rest of your school community to mark their calendars for the Best. Week. Ever! Share these premade posts on your school’s social media accounts, website, e-newsletter, parent portal, and anywhere else where your school community gets its news.

Fair invites and hype posts

Tell ’em early, tell ’em often: Share these Fair invites and reminders across your school’s digital channels to keep Fair week front and center in everyone’s mind.

Promote events and activities

Get everybody geared up to shop the Fair when you promote sneak peeks, family events, and special activities.

Promote Book Fair eWallet

Plug the perks of eWallet to make shopping the Fair convenient, simple, and secure.

Promote online shopping

Spread the word about online shopping during and after the in-person Fair. It’s a great way to get more books for kids and more benefits for your school.

Pre-sale resources

Dial up the hype for soon-to-be kid faves with pre-sale flyers and forms for students and teachers.

Volunteer resources

Teamwork makes the dream work! Recruit a co-host and volunteers to help before, during, and after the Fair.

Bonus Fair resources

Make a big impact at your school's Fair with these little extras.

Buy 1 Get 1 Free resources

For BOGO Fairs only: share these Fair invites and hype posts across your school's digital channels so families know that every purchase means another free book!

More to explore

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