During the Fair Checklist

First-time host? Look for the ⭐ to find your essential to-dos.

Unpack the Fair

Review the welcome flyer from your Set-up Kit

Did you receive all your Fair supplies? Get help with any questions or concerns.

Connect the Payment System

⭐ Check out our Payment System Guide for more details.

Set up the Fair

Arrange your cases

Set up your tabletop displays

After you unpack boxes, use them to create tiered displays.

Prep the cashier’s table and Payment System

Remember to stock your checkout with $50 in change and a printed eWallet scan sheet.

Send reminders

Remind families about the Fair

Encourage them to set up their kid’s eWallet and attend the family event you’ve planned.

Remind teachers about previews and class visits

Invite teachers to preview the Fair to create Teacher Wish Lists and prep for classroom visits. 

Keep sharing book trailers

Book trailers give kids a sneak peek of the books waiting for them at the Fair.

Host previews, events, and activities

⭐ Teachers can create an eWallet, build a Teacher Wish List, and redeem coupons. (Coupons aren’t available for Tabletop Fairs.)

⭐ Give students a chance to browse the Fair and complete their wish lists.

Build excitement with Fair events and activities

Get the entire school community involved in the Fair with special events and activities.

Keep in mind

Check your eWallet roster for unspent balances

If kids have a balance, encourage them to keep shopping the Fair.

Start a restock request

Empty shelves mean books are selling, but order a restock if you really need it.

Ask for help

Got questions? Check the FAQs for quick answers.