Before the Fair Checklist

First-time host? Look for the ⭐ to find your essential to-dos.

Prepare for the Fair

Confirm Fair dates and schedule your planning call

Recruit and organize a crew of helpers with our volunteer tips.

Learn the ropes

Find instructions and Fair prep goodies in your Kick-off Kit. Check out our explainer videos in the Learning Lab.

Make sure all students can participate

⭐ Use Share the Fair, Book Fair eWallet, and your Scholastic Dollars™ to make sure every kid gets to take home a book.

Set your financial goal

Browse the Scholastic Dollars™ Catalog and review your school’s sales history to help you set your goal.

Customize your homepage

Your school’s Fair homepage comes with the basics about your Fair. Add extra details like location, open hours, link to volunteer sign up, and more.

Promote the Fair

Spread the word

⭐ Tell everyone the Fair is coming! Our Promo Guide is packed with tips and resources to help you.

Hype the books

Share booklists, book trailers, and book blurbs with students and families.

Encourage families and teachers to set up eWallets

Promote the benefits of eWallet with our premade social posts.

Plan events, previews, and activities

Organize a teacher preview

⭐ Invite teachers to the Fair to create Teacher Wish Lists and fill out shelf-talkers.

⭐ Set up a schedule for teachers to bring their students to the Fair. Kids will get a sneak peek of the books and have a chance to create their own wish lists.

Make it a family affair

Encourage families to visit the Fair when you host special events organized just for them.

Pencil pulls, classroom coin wars, principal challenges…get everyone at school in on the fun with these Fair activities.