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Whether you're a first-time BFC or a seasoned pro, get access to your Toolkit and other quick clicks for hosting an event everyone will remember.

What's inside your Chairperson's Toolkit?

Steps for success

Launch your homepage and online shopping

Plan to succeed—a step-by-step guide

Boost your Fair with ready-to-go promos

Making every dollar count

Learn how to maximize eWallet

Access our easy-to-use automatic financial form

Find your Scholastic Dollars balance

Scholastic Dollars Catalog

Redeem your rewards

Grab exclusive books, monthly book crates, and more

Book a virtual visit from your favorite author

Quick tips for running your Fair

  • Two weeks before
  • One week before
  • Book Fair week
  • After your Fair

Get everybody hyped about the Fair!

Customize your Book Fair homepage

Get eWallet resources for families and teachers

Send a letter home and share save-the-date posts on social media

Prepare to create excitement with your Fair Kick-Off Kit, arriving soon

Invite your school community to get involved.

Get to know your Fair’s register and scanner

Arrange previews for teachers and send booklists home

Raise funds with All for Books donations

For the books at your Fair, it’s time to shine!

Play book trailers for students: K-3 | 4-6 | Middle

Last chance to share on social

Host class previews for students

Shop your Fair with Scholastic Dollars

You’re ready to celebrate your success.

Use our handy checklist to close out the Fair

Complete your financial form in the Toolkit

Say thank you to your school community

Watch and learn

Whether you're a first-time BFC or need a quick refresh on a topic like eWallet or online shopping, these chapter-based explainer videos make it easy to learn (and re-learn) at your own pace.

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