Closing out the Book Fair

Saying goodbye to the Scholastic Book Fair is hard enough! So we’ve made it easy to crunch the numbers and close out. Follow this checklist to get your rewards faster.

Find last-minute shoppers

Remember that online shopping runs for 14 days from the Fair start date, so after the in-person event ends, families can still shop online and choose from thousands of titles through your Book Fair homepage. Plus, they can use unspent eWallet balances and pick up a few extra goodies—all while earning your school 25% in rewards.

Check your pickup date

It’s also in your Toolkit. If you opted in for SMS alerts, you’ll receive a text about your Fair pickup.

Buy books off your Fair

There’s a bunch of reasons to use your Scholastic Dollars™ balance to shop the Fair. Make sure every kid takes home a book. Give gifts to volunteers. Refresh school and classroom libraries. During checkout, simply select “Scholastic Dollars” as the tender type and get those books distributed!

Upload the data from your payment system

Check out the easy-to-follow upload instructions. Then, 24 hours later, your financial form will be ready to review in your Toolkit.

Review your financial form

Follow the prompts in your Toolkit to check the form for accuracy.

Select your profit option

The financial form will ask you how you would like to receive your Fair profits—as Scholastic Dollars or cash (cash is only available when Book Fair sales are greater than $3,500). When you go with Scholastic Dollars, you can earn up to 50% more than the value of cash.

Submit your financial form

Be sure to print your invoice.

Send in-person payments

Deposit cash and checks, and write one check from your school to “Scholastic Book Fairs.” (Or make a credit card payment in your Toolkit.) Within seven days of your deposit, send your check and invoice to our secure lockbox: Scholastic Book Fairs, PO Box 639849, Cincinnati, OH 45263–9849.

Prepare returns for your driver

Leave unsold items in cases. Pack up everything else in their original boxes and stack them on top of the cases. Your Fair is ready for pickup!

Get it done

Sign in to your Toolkit to close out your Fair.