Learn how you earn

To understand your Fair earnings—and how to get the biggest bang from every buck spent by your shoppers—discover our profit and rewards program.

Scholastic Dollars™ are the right call

You have a choice. When you host a Scholastic Book Fair and earn at least $3,500, you decide whether to receive your proceeds as cash or Scholastic Dollars, our rewards currency.

It’s a no-brainer. For choosing Scholastic Dollars, we reward you with up to 50% extra value for your Fair earnings. You can redeem your Scholastic Dollars on almost anything you’d buy for your school. And, when earned as profit, your Scholastic Dollars never expire. 

Two ways to redeem your Scholastic Dollars

Right after your Fair, we’ll update your Scholastic Dollars balance. What will you do with your rewards?

Redeem them in the Scholastic Dollars Catalog

It’s got thousands of books, including titles you won’t find anywhere else. You can also shop for digital products, STEM lab equipment, gifts, classroom furnishings, and school supplies.

Buy books from your own Fair

No shipping costs or wait time! After your Fair, redeem your Scholastic Dollars on your remaining stock. It's a great way to add books to your school library and classrooms, reward Fair volunteers, or delight kids who couldn't attend. The payment device that comes with your Fair makes it simple.

See how many Scholastic Dollars you’ll earn

No need to enroll. You’re eligible for the Scholastic Dollars profit and rewards program just by hosting a Fair. 

If your Fair earns at least $3,500, you can elect to receive your profits as cash, Scholastic Dollars, or a combination of both. Choosing Scholastic Dollars means you’ll earn more than cash. How much more? That depends upon your Fair’s sales.

Fair Revenue

Scholastic Dollars

Cash Value

$3,500 and up

50% of sales

or combination of profit options

25% of sales

$1,500 - $3,499.99

40% of sales


$0 - $1,499.99

30% of sales


Virtual Fairs

25% of sales


Fair Revenue of $3500 and up

Scholastic Dollars = 50% of sales

Cash Value = 25% of sales

or combination of profit options

Fair Revenue of $1,500 - $3,499.99

Scholastic Dollars = 40% of sales

Cash Value = $0

Fair Revenue of $0 - $1,499.99

Scholastic Dollars = 30% of sales

Cash Value = $0

Virtual Fairs

Scholastic Dollars = 25% of sales

Cash Value = $0

Ready for rewards?

You can also earn Scholastic Dollars as rewards. We offer opportunities throughout the school year to boost your balance:

Multiple-Fair rewards

After your first Fair, sales at each additional Fair* will earn 10% extra Scholastic Dollars. Fairs must be held between August 1, 2022 and July 31, 2023.

Book Fair Chairperson incentives

We periodically offer Chairs a bonus for completing activities to promote their Fairs and discover new Fair features. Check your Chairperson's Toolkit for the latest incentives.

Earned as rewards, Scholastic Dollars are applied to the same balance as your Fair profits, though they expire in six months from the Fair start date (unless you hold another Fair within seven months, which extends your rewards until seven days after the second Fair). But don’t worry—when you redeem Scholastic Dollars, amounts with an expiration date are automatically redeemed first.


Check the balance page in your Chairperson’s Toolkit for specific expiration dates for each reward amount. Scholastic Dollars earned as Fair profit will appear in your balance after your Fair’s payment is finalized.

*To qualify for the Multiple-Fair Reward, a Fair must meet a sales threshold of $2,500. Sales during your online Fair extension will be added to your Fair's revenue and qualify towards the $2,500 threshold. Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) Fairs qualify for the Multiple-Fair Reward, but do not qualify for in-person Fair profit. BOGO Fairs receive profit from online shopping, but do not receive BOGO pricing.
All revenue levels referenced are pre-tax.