The Scholastic Dollars Profit
& Rewards Program

More reading for your students. More rewards for your school.

Bringing joy to your students and raising funds for your school are excellent rewards! But you can extend the benefits of hosting a Scholastic Book Fair with our Scholastic Dollars™ Profit & Rewards Program. Earning rewards is simple:

  1. Host a Scholastic Book Fair. 
  2. Choose to receive your Fair profit as Scholastic Dollars, a rewards currency with value beyond cash for making purchases from Scholastic Book Fairs. 
  3. Redeem your Scholastic Dollars and enjoy extra purchasing power—up to twice as much more than cash.




Learn About Scholastic Dollars

When you host a Scholastic Book Fair, you’re eligible for our Scholastic Dollars Profit & Rewards Program. See how you can turn a successful Fair into big rewards for your school.



What are Scholastic Dollars?

Scholastic Dollars are the currency that gives you extra buying power! Through the Scholastic Book Fairs Profit & Rewards Program, you can earn Scholastic Dollars to get more of the books and educational products that your students love.


How do I earn Scholastic Dollars?

There are two ways to earn. First, you can choose to receive profits from your Scholastic Book Fair as Scholastic Dollars instead of cash. Second, you can earn Scholastic Dollars as rewards for transactions like booking multiple Fairs. 


What are the benefits of earning Scholastic Dollars?

Using Scholastic Dollars is an easy way to make your Book Fair proceeds go farther. When you choose to receive Fair profits as Scholastic Dollars, you earn extra—up to twice as much! So you get more for your money and the convenience of using that extra purchasing power for products that your students already love.  


What can I purchase with Scholastic Dollars?

Turn your Scholastic Dollars into books and educational products for your students. You can purchase goods and services from the Book Fair, or the online Scholastic Dollars Catalog. Shopping with Scholastic Dollars gives you access to special editions as well as digital products, STEM lab equipment, gifts, furnishings, and school supplies. Shop online or ask a Book Fairs customer care representative about being connected to our team of product specialists to assist with shopping.


Do Scholastic Dollars expire?

Scholastic Dollars distributed as profit never expire! Earned as rewards, Scholastic Dollars must be spent within a designated time frame.


How do I enroll in Scholastic Dollars Profit & Rewards?

There’s no enrollment necessary. You’re already eligible to use Scholastic Dollars once you hold a Scholastic Book Fair. Speak to your Fair representative about earning Scholastic Dollars starting with your next Fair.





Profit Options

Your school's profit depends on your Fair’s sales. See the table below to determine your potential earnings.
Note: Scholastic Dollars profit does not expire.


$1,800 and up 50% of Sales or combination of profit options 25% of Sales
$800 - $1,799.99 50% of Sales   $0
$0 - $799.99 20% of Sales   $0
Virtual Fairs 25% of Online Sales   $0





In addition to the benefits of choosing to receive your Fair profits in Scholastic Dollars,
you’re also eligible for these exciting rewards. Note: Scholastic Dollars expire 180 days from Fair start date.


$2,500 and up
$1,200 - $2,499.99  
Virtual Fairs  
BOGO Fairs*


Choice Reward

For qualifying Fairs with revenue history over $2,500, you can choose from an assortment of fantastic products and offers. Select the one you want, then contact your Book Fair consultant to receive a promo code to redeem your reward. Please note that this reward expires on the last day of your Fair and is available while supplies last.


Choice Reward Options

Drive traffic to your Fair with a set of eye-catching yard signs and an outdoor banner.

Advertising Kit

Receive FREE shipping on all Scholastic Dollars Catalog orders over $200 during the season your Fair takes place.**

Free Shipping

Build anticipation with this bold standing display featuring a countdown calendar announcing the Book Fair.

Countdown Display

Imaginations run wild when your Fair becomes a thrilling jungle or an arctic adventure. Choose from many decorative themes for an easy, memorable, and fun look for your Fair.

Decoration Kits

Over 100 reusable tote bags for shoppers to bring home their new books.

Tote Bags

A tote bag filled with popular books from this season's Fairs.

Best of Book Fair Value Pack

Hosting a raffle is a great way to boost attendance at Family events—and get more shoppers to your Fair. For your lucky raffle winner, this kit contains a selection of popular books curated for your school.

Raffle Kit


Multiple-Fair Reward: In-Person Fairs

After your first In-Person Fair, sales at each additional Fair will receive an extra 10% in Scholastic Dollars. To qualify, in-person Fairs must meet a sales threshold of $1,200. (Fairs must be held between August 1, 2021 and July 31, 2022.)


Multiple-Fair Reward: Virtual Fairs & Online Fair Extensions

After your first Fair, sales at each additional Fair will receive an extra 10% in Scholastic Dollars. Sales from a Virtual Fair or the 14-day Online Fair Extension will be automatically be added to the total revenue of your In-Person Fair. All online sales count toward the total sales threshold of $1,200 to qualify for the Multiple-Fair Reward. (Fairs must be held between August 1, 2021 and July 31, 2022.)



Redeem Your Scholastic Dollars

It’s easy to redeem the Scholastic Dollars that you earn as part of the Scholastic Dollars Profit & Rewards Program. 


The best way to use your Scholastic Dollars is to shop directly from your Book Fair. You'll get books into kid's hands immediately to help build school, classroom, and home libraries. You can also choose books and educational products by shopping online via the Scholastic Dollars Catalog, which features thousands of items, including:

Scholastic Dollars Catalog

  • Popular books and collections

  • Library-bound fiction and nonfiction, including exclusive editions

  • Furniture and carpets

  • Electronics and technology items

  • Items to foster clean and healthy classrooms and libraries

  • Gifts and incentives for volunteers and kids




Your school can earn Scholastic Dollars™ as profit from your Fair’s sales or as rewards. Your school’s account balance combines both of these amounts. Profit from your Fair earned as Scholastic Dollars does not expire, but rewards expire six months after your Fair’s start date—unless you hold another Fair within seven months, which extends your rewards until seven days after the Fair end date. Be sure to report any purchases with redeemed rewards within those seven days. We can’t reissue expired rewards, but when you redeem Scholastic Dollars, amounts with an expiration date are automatically redeemed first.

See the balance page in your Chairperson’s Toolkit for specific expiration dates for each reward amount. Scholastic Dollars that you earn from a Fair will appear in your balance after your Fair’s payment is finalized.

*Buy One, Get One Free Fairs qualify for the Multiple Fair Reward, but do not qualify for in-person Fair profit. To qualify for the Free Choice reward, BOGO Fairs must meet a sales threshold of $2,500. BOGO Fairs receive profit from online shopping, but do not receive BOGO pricing online. BOGO profit and rewards are subject to change.

**Free shipping is available between 8/1/21-1/30/22 or 1/1/22-7/31/22, corresponding to your Fair dates.

All revenue levels referenced are pre-tax.