Scholastic gives back

See how a Scholastic Book Fair empowers your students, school, and communities for years to come.

Earn more with Scholastic

Giving back is as central to our mission as giving every child the chance to find a book they’ll love. Just by hosting a Scholastic Book Fair, you’re earning rewards your school will use for this season and years to come.

Plus, you can supercharge your earnings by choosing Scholastic Dollars™ as your profit option, which allows you to earn up to 50% more than cash alone. Redeem Scholastic Dollars for classroom furniture, Virtual Author Visits, and (of course) more books! 

Boost your sales with Scholastic exclusives

We want you to succeed—that’s why we've developed exclusive features that make it easy to go big and earn more.


Our cashless payment option is proven to increase sales. Parents love the ease and security, and they can invite friends and family to contribute so everyone can be part of your Book Fair.

Online shopping

Did you know that every Fair comes with an online extension that runs for 14 days? That means even after the cases are rolled away and your inventory is sold out, shoppers can browse the entire Scholastic Store Online, get items delivered to their door (or someone else's), and keep earning rewards for your school. 

Year-round giveback

Once customers connect to your school online, their purchases will continue to earn rewards for your school—even after the end of your in-person Fair and 14-day online extension.

More books for more kids

Our All for Books™ program is another opportunity to make a meaningful difference by putting into practice Scholastic Book Fairs' values of kid power, community, and giving back. 

Centered around a simple collection box at your Fair, this program empowers young shoppers to turn their small change into a big impact, as we'll match the funds collected with a book donation worth up to $1 million for literacy nonprofits serving underresourced communities. 

Raise funds while raising readers

By hosting just one Scholastic Book Fair, you’ll enjoy endless opportunities to fund the future.

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