Raise funds while raising readers

Empower your students, school, and community for years to come when you partner with Scholastic Book Fairs.

Earn more with Scholastic Book Fairs

Schools have raised millions in cash and educational resources with Scholastic Book Fairs, giving every child the chance to find a book they’ll love. Just by hosting a Book Fair, you’re earning funds your school will use for years to come.

Plus you can supercharge your benefits by choosing Scholastic Dollars™ as your profit option, which allows you to earn up to 50% more than cash alone. Redeem Scholastic Dollars for classroom furniture, Storyvoice shows, and (of course) more books!

Boost your sales with Scholastic Book Fairs exclusives

We want you to succeed—that’s why we’ve developed exclusive features that make it easy to go big and earn more.


This cashless payment option is proven to increase sales. Families love the ease and security, and they can invite friends and extended family to contribute so everyone can be part of the Book Fair. Teachers benefit as well: creating an eWallet is a super-simple way to encourage parents to help build classroom libraries.

Online shopping

Every in-person Fair comes with an online shopping option that’s stocked with thousands of items and runs for 14 days. That means even after the cases are rolled away and your inventory is sold out, kids and their families can continue to shop online in the Scholastic Store, get items delivered to their door (or someone else’s), and keep earning Scholastic Dollars for your school.

Year-round benefits

Once customers connect to your school online, their purchases from The Scholastic Store will continue to benefit your school—even after the Fair closes.

More books for more kids

Our All for Books program is another opportunity to make a meaningful difference. Centered on a simple collection box at the Fair, this program empowers local heroes to help give each kid a day to remember. From students to corporations, donors ensure that every kid in the community can experience the exhilarating fun of the Fair that we call Bookjoy.

Maximum earnings, maximum Bookjoy

By hosting just one Scholastic Book Fair, you’ll enjoy endless opportunities to fund the future.