How to be a Book Fair parent

Let’s make the most of your kid’s favorite day!

Tackle these to-dos 

  • Before your Fair
  • During your Fair
  • After your Fair

Start on your school’s Book Fair homepage

See the schedule: Fair dates and family events

Set up your child’s eWallet

Check out the books your child can’t wait to read

Your school is the place to be!

Volunteer at your school’s Fair

Stop by the Fair and family events

Share eWallet with grandparents and other family members

The Fair continues online

Shop with your eWallet balance

Online shopping = more benefits for your school

Stay in touch with us and never miss an update

Talk the talk

You’ll definitely remember that new book smell, but you may also notice new lingo and cool upgrades to the Book Fair you grew up with.

What is Bookjoy?

We’ve given a name to the head-to-toe thrill that comes from choosing your own book, holding a brand-new adventure in your hands, and finding yourself in a story.

What is an eWallet?

Now there’s a cashless way to shop the Fair! Create and fund a digital account for your child–and share the link with family and friends who want to contribute. Check out eWallet .

What is All for Books™?

Our giving program aims to bring Bookjoy to underserved children and communities so everyone has the chance to bring home a book they’ll love.

What’s happening at the Fair?

See the 🔥🔥🔥 books kids can’t put down.

Get a sneak peek at the characters your kids will be talking about.

Take a closer look at our expert-picked selection from over 150 publishers.

All purchases benefit YOUR school

When your kids buy books they love, your school can turn Fair earnings into more books and better classrooms for this season and years to come.

Let’s stay in touch

Get updates about your school’s Book Fair and learn more about how to make it the Best. Day. Ever. for your kids!

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