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Bring on the Bookjoy…and the heat! At the Fair, there’s a book for every reader. But these titles are winning over the most readers at Fairs across the country!


Check out the top-10 books trending at Scholastic Book Fairs:

Zombie Season

Written by Justin Weinberger


Every summer, zombie season arrives in California. Towns evacuated. Property destroyed. Lives on the line. But this year's season is very, very different. Something has changed, and time is running out to stop it.


Dog Man: Twenty Thousand Fleas Under the Sea

Written and Illustrated by Dav Pilkey


Piggy is back, and his newest plot is his most diabolical yet. Dog Man and the rest of your favorite characters must join together in this heroic and hilarious ALL-NEW adventure.



Cat on the Run in Cat of Death!


Written and Illustrated by Aaron Blabey


What happens when the world’s biggest cat-video star gets accused of a crime she didn’t commit? She becomes a cat on the run. Follow Princess Beautiful as she goes from meme megastar #1 to public enemy #1 and fights to clear her name. 

I Survived: The American Revolution, 1776: The Graphic Novel

Written by Lauren Tarshis with illustrations by Leo Trinidad


Eleven-year-old Nathaniel Fox never imagined he’d be fighting for his life on a battlefield. But when he’s forced to flee the only home he knows, Nate is propelled toward a thrilling journey into the heart of the Revolutionary War. Don’t miss this graphic novel that combines historical facts with high-action storytelling!

The Baby-Sitters Club® Graphix: Stacey’s Mistake

Written by Ann M. Martin with illustrations by Ellen T. Crenshaw


Stacey’s so excited! She’s invited her friends from the Baby-sitters Club down to New York City for a long weekend. It’s going to be perfect…right? But when the trip turns out to be a big mistake, Stacey can’t help but wonder: Will the Baby-sitter’s Club fall apart?


The Bad Seed Goes to the Library

Written by Jory John with illustrations by Pete Oswald


The Bad Seed borrows an awesome book from the library in this level-1 I Can Read!™ book by the New York Times–bestselling duo Jory John and Pete Oswald.

Search and Rescue: Pentagon Escape

Written by Alex London


A taut and harrowing depiction of the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the Pentagon, alternating between a 12-year-old boy caught in the chaos and the rescue dog who’s attempting to save him. 

Carina Felina

Written by Carmen Agra Deedy with illustrations by Henry Cole


The trouble started when Pepe the parrot fell in love with...a CAT! But with a gobble and a gulp, Carina Felina swallowed him whole. This wickedly funny and inspiring picture book—a Cuban retelling of a classic folktale—proves the smallest of creatures can sometimes possess the most surprising strength.

Love Puppies: Dream Team

Written by JaNay Brown-Wood


A mission like no other has the Love Puppies stuck. Eliana has excellent basketball skills, and Barkley knows she’s talented enough to make the school team—if she can figure out how to be a good teammate. With a little bit of magic and a whole lot of kindness, the Love Puppies will have to work hard to figure out how to really help Eliana.


Written by Jenny Goebel


A girl with diabetes and her alert dog face impossible odds when they’re stranded in the unforgiving wilderness. They must find strength they didn’t know they possessed—and faith in one another—to survive the harsh conditions and escape the backcountry. It’s Hatchet for a new generation!

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