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At the Fair, there’s a book for every reader. But these books are winning over the most readers at Fairs across the country! Check out the top 10 books trending at Scholastic Book Fairs.

Pig the Rebel

Written and illustrated by Aaron Blabey


In the final book of this bestselling series, everyone’s favorite greedy, selfish pug is sent to obedience school.


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Doña Esmeralda, Who Ate Everything!

Written by Melissa de la Cruz and illustrated by Primo Gallanosa


In this wickedly funny picture book inspired by a Filipino folk tale, a woman who’s always hungry satisfies her cravings with mushy, smelly leftover snacks.


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I Found A Kitty!

Written and illustrated by Troy Cummings


In this followup to the bestselling Can I Be Your Dog?, loyal pup Arfy writes letters to find a forever home for a stray kitten.


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Pets Rule! My Kingdom of Darkness

Written by Susan Tan and illustrated by Wendy Tan Shiau Wei


In this early chapter book for new readers, a chihuahua must choose between conflicting impulses: snuggle with his family or take over the world?


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The Inflatables in Bad Air Day

Written by Beth Garrod and Jess Hitchman and illustrated by Chris Danger


Launching a hilarious illustrated series, forgotten pool tools hatch a plot to get famous.


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I Survived True Stories: Courageous Creatures

Written by Lauren Tarshis


Animal lovers and fans of the “I Survived” series will love these four thrilling (and true) stories about animals who beat the odds.


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Miss Quinces

Written and illustrated by Kat Fajardo


This graphic novel stars a girl navigating familial and cultural expectations at her quinceañera.

Controlled Burn

Written by Erin Soderberg Downing


A girl who barely survived a fire must summon her courage to save her family when disaster strikes again.


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Amari and the Night Brothers

Written by B.B. Alston


Harry Potter fans will love this electrifying fantasy about a girl seeking the truth about her brother’s mysterious disappearance.

Escape From East Berlin

Written by Andy Marino


From the bestselling author of Escape From Chernobyl, a historical thriller follows two daring attempts to get over the Berlin Wall.


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