Shopping the Book Fair has never been easier!

Book Fair eWallet* is a secure, cash-free way for students to shop the Fair.

Scholastic Book Fairs new digital payment option is a great alternative to sending students to school with cash. Parents can easily create a Book Fair eWallet and set a spending limit for their student. After the Fair, any unused funds are released back to the cardholder. It’s so easy!

How It Works

Create Account
Add Funds

Create Account

Add Funds



Why Book Fair organizers and families love eWallet:

  • Safe and secure way to give students money to buy books

  • Free (and easy!) for parents to set up an account

  • Pre-authorized amount to control spending

  • Funds immediately available for use

  • Easy student lookup on the Scholastic EasyScan®2 register for quick processing

  • eWallet balance appears on the receipt



Find your school at to get started!


*eWallet not currently available in all locations.