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Welcome to the Chairperson's Toolkit Help Section!

While using the Chairperson's Toolkit, click on "Help" any time you have a question. Help will pop up and provide you with the answers you need.

Browsers supported: The Toolkit supports all browsers. When using Internet Explorer, it is preferable to use version IE7 or higher.

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Signing In
The Chairperson's Toolkit is available as soon as you schedule your Book Fair and for one year after it ends. Sign in using your e-mail address you supplied to your Book Fair Consultant.

If you do not have an account registered with, you will need to set up a password. Here’s what to do:

  • On the Toolkit login page, if you already have a Scholastic account and password, log in on the left side.
  • If you need to set up a password, on the right side, click the green button “Create an Account” and follow the steps to add your password.

For password assistance and account questions, please call 1-800-scholastic (1-800-724-6527) and select prompt #5 for Book Fairs.

Once you have entered a Toolkit for any Fair, the Toolkit TOOL MENU is available in the blue bar at the top of the page. Click on any icon in the Menu to navigate to any section of the Toolkit.

E-mail Address | Multiple Chairpersons | Fair Set-up and Pack-up Dates | Fair Delivery and Pick-Up Dates

E-mail Address
The e-mail address you have given your Book Fair Consultant acts as your User Name to access the Chairperson’s Toolkit. If you change your e-mail address, you must contact your Book Fair Consultant to record the change. You will be able to use your new e-mail address to access the Chairperson’s Toolkit immediately and you will receive a Toolkit Welcome email at your new address. If you change your email address, for consistency and ease of use you may also want to go to My Account at and change the email address on your registered account.

Multiple Users in the Toolkit Simultaneously
The Book Fair Chairperson can allow certain people to have access to the Toolkit after creating their own email address and password. Users should take care not to use the Chairperson's Toolkit from different computers at the same time. You may undo each other's work, particularly if you are in the same section, such as the Homepage or the Financial Form.

Fair Set-up and Pack-up Dates
Your Book Fair’s Set-up and Pack-up dates are set by you and your Book Fair Consultant when you schedule your event. These dates are displayed in the Toolkit on the My Fairs Summary page and the Book Fair At-a-Glance page.

Fair Delivery and Pick-Up Dates
Delivery and Pick-Up Dates will display for Case Fairs delivered by truck. The Delivery and Pick-Up Dates are located at the top of the Book Fair At-a-Glance page and in the footer section of most other pages.

Your Delivery and Pick-Up dates are established by Scholastic Book Fairs routing operations personnel. The Fair Delivery Date will first display in the Toolkit 7 days before your Fair Start Date, and will continue to display. The Fair Pick-Up Date will first display in the Toolkit 7 days before your Fair End Date, and will continue to display.

Mail Fair and Tabletop Fair Customers: The Fair Delivery and Fair Pick-Up dates will not appear for customers receiving their Book Fairs via mail/UPS packages.

The Delivery Date and Pick-Up dates shown in the Toolkit are “subject to change”. In a small number of cases, a Delivery Date or a Pick-Up Date may change for a variety of reasons, described below. If a date changes, the date displayed in the Toolkit will change to the new date. It is a good idea to check the Toolkit often to verify your Delivery and Pick-Up dates.

Reasons for changes in a Delivery or Pick-Up date include:

  1. Local conditions such as prolonged severe weather, highway closings, etc.
  2. Late adjustments in truck routing.
  3. In 2 areas of the country, Scholastic Book Fairs contracts with an outside carrier to make deliveries and pick-ups. These two areas are Chesapeake and Richmond VA, and Ventura CA. In these areas, due to circumstances beyond our control, the date shown in the Toolkit may not be valid. If your school is in one of these areas, your Delivery Date will be 1-3 business days before your Fair Start Date, and your Pick-Up Date will be 1-3 business days after your Fair End Date.
    - The Chesapeake and Richmond, VA area includes the areas encompassing the cities of Tappahannock, Richmond, Newport News, Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake, and including a small corner of northeastern North Carolina. See a map of the entire area where delivery and pick-up dates are not valid.
    - The Ventura, CA, area includes the areas encompassing the cities of Lompoc, Goleta, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Oxnard and Camarillo. See a map of the entire area where delivery and pick-up dates are not valid.

If you have any questions regarding Delivery or Pick-Up dates, please contact your Book Fair Consultant.

Confirming Book Fair Information
The first time you sign in to use the Chairperson’s Toolkit, you will be asked to confirm that we have the correct information about you, your school and your Book Fair, by electronically accepting our Certificate of Agreement.

Certificate of Agreement
Click on the Confirm This Fair button and review the Certificate of Agreement in the scroll-down box. Then review your school information, Fair information and Chairperson information, as well as your profit opportunity.

Agreeing to the Certificate of Agreement | Forwarding the Certificate to Another Recipient | Disagreeing or Making Changes

Before Accepting the Certificate of Agreement
You may print or forward the Certificate to another party to review by using the blue box at the top right of the page. When the other party has reviewed/approved it, come back to the Toolkit and accept the Agreement.

Agreeing to the Certificate of Agreement
If all information is correct, select 'Yes, I agree', and click 'Continue'. Your electronic signature constitutes your legal agreement.

TIP: When the Certificate of Agreement is completed, you will be able to reprint it at any time from your Toolkit My Fairs Summary page, until your Fair's Toolkit closes one year after the Fair ends. It will also be saved on the Fair History page for 3 years after your Fair is finalized.

Forwarding the Certificate of Agreement to Another Recipient
When you have accepted your Certificate of Agreement, you will be asked, 'Would you like to email a copy of the Certificate of Agreement to another recipient?' To do this, click the box, then enter the first and last name of the recipient their role at the Book Fair, and their email address. You may add a message if you like. Then click 'Send Message' and the Certificate will be emailed automatically.

Disagreeing or Making Changes
If you select 'No, I do not agree', you will be asked to explain which part of the Agreement needs to be changed. Your choices are:

  • Chairperson information
  • School information
  • Fair dates
  • I did not schedule this fair
  • I do not agree to the terms as stated in the Agreement (please specify).

You may select any or all of the reasons and can enter the correct information. This request for change(s) will be emailed automatically to your Book Fair Consultant, who will make the corrections and will notify you.

While the corrections are being made you will be able to use your Toolkit.

New York Chairpeople: Upon accepting your Certificate of Agreement, you will see a Sales Tax Option page requiring that you notify Scholastic Book Fairs of your sales tax status prior to your Book Fair.


Book Fair Planner

Set a Goal | Select Programs & Activities | Planning Calendar & Checklist

The Book Fair Planner allows you to set your goal and select programs and activities to help reach your goal. When you complete these two steps, a personalized planning calendar and checklist will be created, giving you recommended activities and reminders to conduct a successful Fair.

While completing the Book Fair Planner is not required, we recommend that you utilize it to organize your plans and stay on track before, during and after your Fair. Follow the three steps that will create your Planning Calendar.

Step 1: Set a Goal
If your school did not host a Book Fair during the same season last year, you’ll have suggestions for how to set a goal, including a profit estimator. Set your goal and then save a step by posting your goal automatically on your Book Fair Homepage.

If your school conducted a Book Fair during the same season last year, you will see last year’s results as a guideline for setting this year’s goal. In addition, the Profit Estimator can help guide your thoughts. Once the goal is decided, save a step and post your goal automatically on your Book Fair Homepage for your customers to see.

Click Save & Continue to go to Step 2.

Step 2: Select Programs & Activities
Review Book Fair programs and activities proven to increase Book Fair excitement and participation. The Planner gives you details, how-to tips, and best practices for success. Just check off the programs you decide to include in your Fair.

Tip: Some activities are pre-checked for you because they are recommended by Scholastic Book Fairs for schools like yours. You may uncheck any activity if you decide it is not right for your Fair, and you may check any activity to add to your Fair plans.

Then click Save & Continue to go to Step 3.

Step 3: Planning Calendar and Checklist
This personal calendar is created for you automatically. It includes basic tasks and also tasks to implement your selected programs, in a logical sequence. Each task is recommended by Scholastic Book Fairs as an item you should consider for a successful Fair.

Tasks are displayed in the approximate order when they ought to occur. You can customize the calendar by moving tasks to fit your schedule, editing or removing tasks, AND you can add your own. To move a task, just drag and drop it in the desired location.

For your convenience, there is also a Checklist view where you can check off items you have completed.

Many task descriptions contain direct links to materials that will help you complete the task. This will reduce the time needed to search for materials in Fair Files.

Marking as Complete: When you have completed a task, click "Mark as Complete" and it will be checked off for you.

Editing Tasks: When you click on a task on the calendar, or "Edit" on the Checklist view, an overlay box will appear. Here you can change the name of the task, change the description, or change the date. When you change a date, it will ask you for the start date and the end date (most tasks will start and end on the same date).

Adding Your Own Tasks: When you click the green "Add Event or Task" button, a similar overlay box will appear. Here you can add your own task, time, and description. Click Save and the task will be added to your checklist.

Removing a Task: You can remove a task by clicking on the link to "Remove". When you click this link, a confirmation screen will appear. Once removed, a task will disappear. If you should mistakenly remove a task, you can add a new one to replace it.

Printing: Click the "Print" button to print your calendar or checklist.

Your Book Fair Homepage

Book Fair Homepage | Online Fair | Fair Finder

Book Fair Homepage
Your school book Fair Homepage will be created when you first enter the Toolkit for a Fair. At first, the Homepage will contain basic information about your Book Fair. To the basic Homepage, you can add your Book Fair goal, and add special programs you are featuring. You can customize the Principal Reading Activity section to show your school community how your principal is supporting reading activities at your Book Fair.

You can edit the Schedule to add events and times, and edit messages to customize them as you like. Programs selected in your Book Fair Planner are displayed to remind you to add them to your Schedule.

When you click ‘Publish Now’, all additions and changes will be saved and published on the Homepage.

View and print this pdf to learn details about how it works: About Your Book Fair Homepage

Online Fair
The Online Fair opens up participation to families and friends across the nation, and makes it convenient for parents who are not able to attend the Book Fair in person, or who want to browse an expanded title selection. All profit from Online Fair sales will be added to the total Book Fair profit as Scholastic Dollars.

The Online Fair has been set up automatically for you. You can manage the Online Fair through the Homepage-Online Fair tab in the Toolkit. You can also disable the Online Fair before it starts by clicking "Disable online shopping."

Promotional materials are provided in the planning kit, set-up kit, and fair files section of the Chairperson’s Toolkit. Additional materials can be found in the Tools to Promote section on the Homepage-Online Fair tab.

Teachers can publish and share their wish lists for books, and others can purchase the books for the teacher classrooms.

Shopping in the Online Fair can be a restock alternative. You can set up a kiosk so titles can be purchased online at the Book Fair.

All orders are shipped to the school, with no shipping charges. Distribution to recipients is easy: All orders arrive in one shipment, bagged and labeled by classroom and student.

This feature is not yet offered to Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) Fairs.

For more information, visit the Homepage-Online Fair tab in the Toolkit. You may also wish to review the Frequently Asked Questions, the How-to Guide or the Online Tutorial.

Find a Fair
The printed booklists promote the Find a Fair webpage,

Here, Book Fair customers can look up your Book Fair homepage 21 days before your Fair is scheduled to start. All they need to do is click on State, City and School Name, or enter a Zip Code. The Homepage will continue to be listed on the Find a Fair webpage for 7 days after the Fair ends.

Note: To elect to not display your school on this Web site, go to the Homepage-Online Fair page and click ‘Modify URL & Fair Finder’. Then click ‘Disable’.

Team and Contacts
My Team is a list of the volunteers who are helping you to run your current Book Fair.

Add a Team Member | Remove a Team Member

Add a Team Member
Click on the “Add a New Team Member” button. You may enter information about the new team member or you may go to All Contacts and check if the new team member is already listed. This will help avoid duplicates. All new team members will automatically be added to All Contacts.

Toolkit Access for Your Team Members: If you choose to grant Toolkit access to any of your volunteers, put them on My Team, then tell them to to go the Toolkit login page and click the Enter the Toolkit button. They’ll be asked to register. As soon as they have registered, they can enter the Toolkit using their own login credentials.

Note: If you add someone to My Team but do not want them to have access to the Toolkit, you can control this by not telling them to access the Toolkit.

Scholastic Representatives on My Team: You can grant Toolkit access to your Book Fair Consultant and/or your Book Fair Field Representative by adding them to My Team. Here’s how:

  1. Your Book Fair Consultant and your Book Fair Field Representative are already added to your list of Contacts.
  2. Go to your list of Contacts and check the button "Add To Team" next to their name.

Remove a Team Member
Remove a person from your team by clicking on the “Take Off Team” button next to the person’s name. That person will no longer appear in your My Team list, but will remain in the All Contacts list.

Note: If you remove a team member from your My Team list, they will no longer have access to the Toolkit.

All Contacts
All Contacts is an address book that stores information about all those who might help you make your Book Fair a success, such as volunteers who have joined your Book Fair team or local businesses who have offered donations.

Previous Fairs | Add a Contact | Delete a Contact | Add a Team Member | Take Off a Team Member

Previous Fairs
Information in All Contacts is stored from one Book Fair to the next. If you or another Chairperson has used the Chairperson‘s Toolkit before, the contacts from previous Book Fairs will still be available.

Add a Contact
Only a person‘s First Name and Last Name are required to add a new contact. However, to get the most out of the Chairperson‘s Toolkit, we recommend that you enter the e-mail address for your contacts.

Delete a Contact
Clicking on the "Delete" button will permanently delete a person from the All Contacts list. If the contact was also a team member, the contact will be removed from the My Team list at the same time.

Add a Team Member
Add a contact to your team of volunteers by clicking on the "Add to Team" button next to the person‘s name. An icon will appear to indicate that this contact is a team member.

Take Off a Team Member
Take a contact off your team by clicking on the "Take Off Team" button next to the person‘s name. The team icon will be removed, but the person’s information will remain in All Contacts.

Distribution Lists
A distribution list is a group of e-mail addresses you can use as a short-cut to e-mail an attachment to everyone in the group at the same time.

View Distribution Lists | Add E-mail addresses | Make Multiple Selections | Maximum List Size | Naming a Distribution List

View Distribution Lists
Go to All Contacts and click on Distribution Lists in the yellow bar at the top of the page to see all the Distribution Lists that have been created.

Add E-mail Addresses to a Distribution List
You can add e-mail addresses for people who are not in All Contacts or My Team. Type or copy and paste these addresses in the box in the lower right labeled "Other Addresses". Separate each address with a comma. These additional e-mail addresses will be saved as part of the distribution list.

Make Multiple Selections
When creating a distribution list, you can select more than one name at once by holding down the "Control" button on a PC or the "Command" button on a Mac, then clicking on the names you wish to select. When you are finished making your selections, click "Add Selected to List". The names you selected will appear in the box on the right labeled "People in the List."

Maximum List Size
A distribution list may contain up to 250 e-mail addresses.

Naming a Distribution List
A distribution list title may not contain an apostrophe ( ‘ ).

Using Lists
Distribution lists can be used to send multiple contacts a file that you've uploaded. See Uploading for more information on how to do this.

Long Lists | Sorting | Viewing Details | Sending E-mail

Long Lists
A maximum of thirty names appears on each page of All Contacts. If there are multiple pages, select the page you wish to view by clicking in the yellow bar at the top of the page.

You may also view pages in sequence by clicking the blue arrows at the bottom of the page.

Click on an alphabet letter in the yellow bar to see only those whose last name begins with that letter.

You can sort All Contacts or My Team lists by Last Name or First Name in ascending or descending alphabetical order by clicking on the small blue arrows at the top of each column.

For lists with multiple pages, changing how All Contacts is sorted will change the page number on which a particular contact appears.

Viewing Details
Click on the contact‘s first or last name to see detailed information stored about that contact.

Sending E-mail
To send e-mail to one individual, click on the contact‘s e-mail address to send e-mail from your personal e-mail address.

To send an e-mail message to more than one address, type your message in a word document and upload the document into your Toolkit‘s Fair Files under My Files. Send the document to your selected distribution list. You will be able to send an introductory message and name the subject of your email.

Fair Files
Fair Files are customizable marketing and communication templates that you can use to publicize and promote your Fair, team meetings or family events. Permission: Permission to reproduce items in the Chairperson‘s Toolkit without restriction is fully granted by Scholastic Book Fairs.

TIP: Before downloading files, you may first want to create a folder on your computer so that it will be easy to find your downloads. Give the folder a name such as Book Fairs. The desktop is a handy place to keep this folder.

Searching in Fair Files:
To locate items in Fair Files, hover over the blue categories at the top, and click on a sub-category. Or, in the Search box, you may enter a Keyword or a page number from your printed Guidebook to get results associated with that entry. The Keyword Search will find the keyword in the title of items (not in the content of items).

When the results display, you can narrow the results by selecting a refining category from the list on the left.

On the Results page, click on an item to see more details on the Item Detail page. On the Item Details page, you can (1) open an item by clicking on ‘Work with this Item’, or (2) store a copy of the item in My Files by clicking on the ‘Add to My Files’ button.

My Files

The green tab called "My Files" is your own filing cabinet where you have several options:

In My Fair Selections, you can work with files you have collected from Fair Files for this fair.

In My Uploaded Items, you will find files that you‘ve uploaded (saved) from your computer for current or previous fairs. These files are saved from fair to fair. Saved files can be e-mailed as an attachment to an individual, or to a distribution list you have set up in ‘Team & Contacts’.

File Types | Clip Art | PDF Files | PDF Form Files | XLS & XLSX Files | Microsoft Word | Flash Files | Zip Files | Pop-up Windows | Uploading Files | Sending Files | Maximum Limits

File Types
The letters after the name of every file indicate the "file type". The file type lets you know what program you can use to open the file. You can download and upload these file types to the Chairperson‘s Toolkit:
.doc | .docx | .txt | .jpg | .jpeg | .jpe | .gif | .bmp | .pdf | .xls | .xlsx | .zip

PDF Files
To open a PDF, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher. Earlier versions of Acrobat Reader will not work. You can download Acrobat Reader for free from the Adobe Web site at

PDF Form Files
These files are PDFs that have fields you can type in. Move your mouse cursor over the document until the hand cursor disappears and a line appears. Click, then begin typing. When you have finished inserting your text, print out the file. Many PDF forms can now be saved even without the full version of Adobe Acrobat.

To save a PDF, right click on the file name, select Save Target As and choose where to save the image.

XLS and XLSX Files
Excel Spreadsheet. XLS files require Microsoft® Excel® or compatible spreadsheet software to edit.

Microsoft Word Files (DOC and DOCX)
Microsoft Word document files require Microsoft Word software. To edit a Word file, first save it to your desktop or other folder. Make your edits and save. Then save the edited file in your Toolkit by going to My Files and uploading the file.

Flash Files
You will need the free Flash plug-in to see all the files marked Flash. Click here to get the plug-in.

Zip Files
If you do not have WinZip installed, you will need it for the Past Themes section to access reproducibles. Download free software:

MacIntosh users, to unzip these files, please go to:

PC users, to unzip these files, please go to:

Pop-up Windows makes use of pop-up windows to present important information such as Help screens. If you are using pop-up blocker software, you may not be able to view these screens. Consult the Help section of your pop-up blocker software to learn how to disable it or to explicitly allow pop-up windows on

Uploading Files
To upload and save files in the Chairperson‘s Toolkit, go to My Files and select the My Uploaded Items tab. From here you can upload files and save them in My Files. Click on the ‘Upload Your File’ button, and browse your computer folders to find your file. Give your file a Title which will display on the My Files page. These uploaded files will be saved from fair to fair for 2 years.

Sending Files
You may send a file you have uploaded to My Files as an e-mail attachment. You can add a message to introduce the file, and can name the subject of your email.

You can add e-mail addresses for people who are not in All Contacts or My Team. Type or copy and paste these addresses in the box labeled ‘Other Addresses’. Separate each address with a comma. These additional e-mail addresses will be not be saved. If you wish to save them, create a distribution list in My Team & Contacts.

Maximum Limits
You may send a file to a maximum of 250 e-mail addresses.
The largest file you can upload to the Chairperson‘s Toolkit is 500 KB.
You may store any number of files in My Files up to a maximum of 15 MB of storage space. Files stored in My Files will be saved for 2 years or until they are deleted.

Fair History and Account Balance
Fair History will show your school‘s profits and rewards earned from recent Book Fairs. Each Fair is listed by date, with the Total Fair Sales (less sales tax where applicable), how you selected your profit, and your rewards earned.

Fair History will be updated in the Toolkit after we receive your final Fair payment. If you accepted your Certificate of Agreement in the Toolkit, or if you completed your Financial Form in the Toolkit, they will display as well.

The Balance tab will show you if you have any unredeemed Scholastic Dollars. You will see the Profit Balance, which never expires, and the Balance for Rewards, which have an expiration date. When you redeem Scholastic Dollars, any expiring credits will be redeemed before profit credits.

See the Profit Options for more information about how profit is earned.

See How to Redeem for more information on the different ways you can redeem Scholastic Dollars.

My Financials - Getting Started
Your Financial Form will be available on your Fair Start Date. It will close 4 weeks after your Fair End Date.

This feature of the Toolkit will take you step-by-step through completing your Book Fair financial form. You‘ll simply input your total cash, checks and credit cards, then if applicable, your Purchase Order amounts. You can make changes as you go and you will have a final chance to review all your financial information before submitting it electronically to Book Fairs. When you have completed your sales, profit and rewards entries, the financial form automatically calculates your results and creates your invoice. Be sure to print your financial form invoice and mail it with your fair payments to the address that is provided.

If you get stuck or have questions along the way, please contact our Financial Assistance Hotline at: 1-888-412-9124

You can also use Live Chat if you have questions while completing your financial form.

Getting Started | Calculate Sales | Sales Tax | Tax-Exempt | Profit Options | Customer Rewards | Financial Invoice | Assistance Hotline

Calculate Sales Process
In this section, you‘ll input your total cash, checks and credit cards, then if applicable, your Purchase Order information. All of the total sales and sales tax calculations will be done for you. After you review and approve your financial information an invoice is generated that you will print and remit with your final payment.

Check Transactions
Make sure that all your checks are made out to your school. If a check has been filled out incorrectly, contact that person and have another check correctly written. If you do not have a school bank account to deposit checks into you will have to accept only cash or credit cards at your Fair. Should your school accept checks made out to Scholastic Book Fairs, you may be billed for any outstanding balances if checks are returned for Non-sufficient funds.

Credit Cards
If your school transmits your own credit cards then do not enter any total for credit cards and add the total amount of credit cards to your cash total.

All For Books (previously One for Books)
If you collected donations through All for Books, the amount collected should be included as part of sales total, depending on whether the donations were given in cash, check, or credit card.

Gift Certificates
If you sold gift certificates at your Book Fair you do not need to account for your sales of gift certificates separately. Gift certificates sales should be included in your sales total depending on whether they were purchased by cash, check or credit card.

Purchase Order Transactions
Purchase Order (PO) transactions are purchases made with the authority of your School or School District with a promise to pay from their accounts. PO's must be accompanied by APPROVED school/school district issued PO paperwork. (Note: Purchase Requisitions are not approved Purchase Orders). Most school district procedures require several weeks for approval and should be applied for in advance of your Fair.

Send your PO paperwork with your invoice and payment only. Do not send it ahead of your Fair. Scholastic Book Fairs will bill the PO authority for the amount you indicated was sold against the PO.

To prevent billing problems for your school, please do not select books until the approved PO is available. If approved PO paperwork is not submitted with the invoice and payment, your school will be billed for the missing payment.

Sales Tax
Sales Tax regulations vary from state to state. Basic guidelines and a link to your state's tax authority web site are available in the Toolkit via a link next to the school information.

New York and Pennsylvania Chairpersons can always view the sales tax requirements via a button on the My Fairs Summary page.

The sales tax rate for your location is displayed throughout the Toolkit. If your local sales tax rate changes, the sales tax rate in your Toolkit will update, up until the day your Fair starts. Once your sales transactions begin on the Fair’s start date, the sales tax rate in your Toolkit will be locked and will not change.

Please contact your sales tax authority for detailed sales tax requirements in your area.

Sales Tax Remittance

Based on the information reported by you through the Financial Form, the Toolkit will calculate your taxes due. Scholastic can then remit the tax on your behalf to the appropriate tax agency should you elect for it to do so. This information will appear on your invoice.

Sales Tax Not Collected
If you did not collect sales tax on all or a portion of your Book Fair sales, the Toolkit will calculate the amount of required sales tax based on the tax rate in your area.

The total sales tax amount due will be shown on your invoice. To comply with tax laws you will be required to remit any uncollected taxes to Scholastic Book Fairs. We will remit the taxes to your state on your behalf.

Remitting Sales Tax Yourself
If your state permits it and you have all required documentation in place to remit your Book Fair sales tax to your state on your own, you must indicate that in the Tax Remittance section of the financial form. Please be sure to provide to Scholastic all requested sales tax documentation necessary for compliant self remittance.

Tax Exempt
Your Book Fair sales, or any portion of your Fair sales, can only be considered tax-exempt if your school is legally exempt from taxation and you a current tax-exempt certificate containing a tax-exempt ID number for your school. Under most circumstances, even with proper documentation, only purchases made by your school with school funds for your school's use can be exempt from sales tax.

Tax-Exempt Requirements
Guidelines vary by state. A link to your state's tax authority web site is provided in your Toolkit.

Tax-Exempt Transactions
If you are claiming any of your Book Fair sales as tax exempt you must submit a copy of your valid tax-exempt certificate and keep a log of your tax-exempt transactions so you can enter a total amount of tax-exempt sales for your Fair. If you do not have a valid tax-exempt certificate, you cannot claim any of your sales as tax-exempt. Please be sure to submit your valid tax documentation prior to the start date of your Book Fair, to prevent being billed for any outstanding tax owed.

Tax-Exempt Certificate
Tax-exempt certificates vary from state to state. Contact your local tax authority for information on obtaining the requirements for a for a properly executed exemption certificate, or use the link to Sales Tax Information to view your state's general guidelines.

Resale Certificate
Some states may require a resale certificate and a tax-exempt certificate for your Book Fair sales. To find out if your state requires a resale certificate and why it may be needed or for more information on resale certificates contact your local tax authority.

Profit Options
You will earn profit in Scholastic Dollars based on your sales level. Please note profit options vary based on the type of Fair. The Toolkit knows your Fair type and will provide you with only the options that apply to your Fair. At certain revenue levels you can exchange your Scholastic Dollars profit for cash.

Scholastic Dollars profit provides purchasing power and a versatile and flexible way to make your earnings go further. You can spend Scholastic Dollars on educational products in many Scholastic Book Fairs places, such as:

  • Take product from a future Scholastic Book Fair.
  • Shop online or call 800-799-7323 to place an order from the Scholastic Dollars Catalog
  • Shop at a Scholastic Book Fairs Warehouse (by appointment).
  • Shop at a Scholastic Book Fairs Warehouse at a Customer Appreciation Warehouse Sale Event.
  • Call 800-352-7186 to place an order for books shipped from your local warehouse to your school.

Calculating Profit
Your Book Fair profit is based on your Total Fair Sales (excluding sales tax) and the type of Fair you are running. The Toolkit financial form will calculate your profit percentage based on the information you input.

To find out more about our current profit plans and what you may be qualified for, please contact your local Book Fair Consultant.

Fuel Surcharge
From time to time, as market conditions and fuel costs may change, Scholastic Book Fairs may need to institute a modest fuel surcharge to help offset transportation costs.

Profit Splits
If your Fair is eligible to split profits and you choose to split profits, the Toolkit will calculate a split in your Book Fair profit between Scholastic Dollars and cash. On the Profit Split page, enter the desired amount in either box. The values will recalculate automatically and will always use all of your profit.

TIP: As you are splitting your profit, you may click on the 'Reset Calculator' button to clear all entries and begin again.

Customer Rewards
Simply answer the questions in the Customer Rewards section and your Scholastic Dollars reward totals will be calculated and summarized for you.

Financial Invoice
The Toolkit will guide you through each step in completing your financial form. All your financial calculations will be compiled onto one invoice after you complete all steps in the Toolkit. You will have a final chance to review your financial form before you submit it.

Financial Form Adjustments
Once you have submitted your financial form any adjustments will need to be made by contacting Book Fairs Financial Assistance at 1-888-412-9124.

Printable Invoices
After your financial form is completed online you will need to print your invoice(s) that were generated and remit them with your payment. Your final invoice(s) will be stored in the Toolkit and can be reprinted for future reference, until the Financial Form closes 4 weeks after the Fair End Date. The invoice will also be available on the Fair History page after your Fair is finalized.

Remitting Invoice and Payment
Your invoice will show the payment amount you need to send to Scholastic Book Fairs. Print your invoice and send it with your payment to the lock box address printed on your invoice. Additional instructions for remitting your payment will be printed on your invoice.

Please do not forget to include your PO paperwork with your payment and invoice if applicable.

Assistance Hotline
If you get stuck or have questions along the way, please contact our Financial Assistance Hotline at: 1-888-412-9124. You can also use Live Chat when you have a question.

Earning Customer Rewards

Reward Scholastic Dollars - Depending on your Fair‘s eligibility, you can earn additional rewards by incorporating certain activities into your Book Fair to build excitement and increase participation.

To review the Customer Rewards program that may be available for your school, see the Customer Rewards Program in Fair Files under Wrap Up Your Fair.

To report the activities that you participated in, simply answer the questions in the Customer Rewards section and your reward Scholastic Dollars will be calculated and summarized for you.

Some Customer Rewards may be checked automatically for you if the system detects that you have completed an activity that makes you eligible for a reward.

You will receive a Customer Rewards Recap when you print your finalized Financial Form invoice.

Your newly earned and unredeemed rewards will display in the Toolkit on the Balance page after we receive your Book Fair invoice and your final Fair payment.

Scholastic Dollar Profit amounts do not expire. All Customer Rewards earned carry an expiration date. Expiration dates are displayed on the Balance page in your Toolkit.

How to Redeem

You can spend Scholastic Dollars on educational products in many Scholastic Book Fairs places, such as:

  • Take product from a future Scholastic Book Fair.
  • Shop online or call 800-799-7323 to place an order from the Scholastic Dollars Catalog.
  • Shop at a Scholastic Book Fairs warehouse (by appointment).
  • Shop at a Scholastic Book Fairs warehouse at a Customer Appreciation Warehouse Sale Event.
  • Call 800-352-7186 to place an order for books shipped from your local warehouse to your school.

From your Toolkit, you can shop conveniently in the online Scholastic Dollars Catalog. The Scholastic Dollars Catalog is available exclusively through your Chairperson‘s Toolkit. You can access it from the link "Scholastic Dollars Catalog" at the top and bottom of all Toolkit pages.

Request a Catalog
You should have received a printed Scholastic Dollars Catalog in your Book Fair Set Up Kit. If you require an additional catalog, you may request one by mail by using our e-mail form and checking "Send me the Scholastic Dollars Catalog", or by calling Customer Service toll-free 1-800-799-READ.

Scholastic Dollars Frequently Asked Questions

Do Scholastic Dollars expire?
Scholastic Dollars earned as profit do not expire. Scholastic dollars earned as rewards carry an expiration date. The length of time to expiration can vary depending on the type of reward. Expiration dates are posted on the Balance page.

Can I use my Scholastic Dollars at other divisions of Scholastic Inc?
At the present time, Scholastic Dollars can only be used at the Scholastic Book Fair venues previously listed. These venues include a selection of products representing nearly all divisions of Scholastic. The products have been chosen to meet the needs of our Book Fair Customer and will continue to be enhanced and expanded. Our online catalog has a robust offering and is continually updated.

Over the coming years we will endeavor to expand your purchasing power further with other Scholastic offers and programs. At this time Scholastic Dollars cannot be used at the Scholastic Store or for the purchase of products from other Scholastic sources like Scholastic Book Clubs or the Scholastic Library Publishing Group.

How often is the Scholastic Dollars Catalog updated?
The printed catalog is updated each September. You will receive the newest catalog in your Book Fair Planning Kit. The online Catalog is updated daily and contains hundreds more products than the printed catalog.

Can I use my Scholastic Dollars to pay for shipping costs on my order?
Yes. For catalog orders, you may use your Scholastic Dollars to pay for everything pertaining to your catalog order, including Shipping & Handling and tax, if applicable.

Volunteer Training Tools

Volunteer training tools are available for you, your co-chairperson and other volunteers as needed. Simply click on the link and your tutorial will start running.

Scholastic EasyScan® System Tutorial - For Non-BOGO Fairs

Scholastic EasyScan® System Tutorial - For BOGO Fairs