Profit & Reward Balance

Account # 0

Your school’s total account balance is the ‘Profit Balance’ plus the ‘Reward & Bonus Balance’. The Profit Balance does not expire; rewards and bonuses do expire.

When you redeem Scholastic Dollars™, amounts with an expiration date are automatically redeemed first. New amounts earned will appear when your recent Fair’s payment is finalized.

  • Profit Balance

  • Reward & Bonus Balance


How to Redeem

There are several ways to redeem your Scholastic Dollars balance:

  • Take product from a future Scholastic Book Fair.
  • Shop the School Resource Catalog online or call 800-799-7323 to place an order.
  • Shop at a Scholastic Book Fairs warehouse (by appointment).
  • Call 800-352-7186 to place an order for books from your local warehouse.